Reaching the core wasn’t a big challenge, rising above,
finding the way, was something, One couldn’t have imagined!
Through the trials, tribulations, possibilities, expectations,
interests, contingencies, surfaced a single thing, the mindquake!
Since launching MindquakeCreative in 2007, we have provided marketing, communications and writing services to Financial, Professional service institutions, and other companies who need assistance with their marketing efforts. Our approach is simple: we assess the client’s needs, determine the strategy appropriate to meet their objectives, and call upon professional contacts to help complete the work. You don’t have to be under the same roof to provide quality work at affordable prices. In fact, our services are more attractive because it’s not limited by in-house skill sets and we don’t have the overhead of a typical creative shop.
Your outsource solution
Our ability to partner with appropriate professionals to complete particular projects thanks to an abundant and independent pool of copywriters, market research specialists, graphic designers, web site designers, programmers and others. Most clients have marketing needs but no staff with which to accomplish them – We can provide those services to them more cost-effectively than if they hired a full-time employee. In other cases, a client with a marketing staff may be overloaded – We can serve as an extension of their department.
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